Chipped Brilliance

stained-glass“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

I was waiting recently at the airport to pick up my son, Andrew. Usually I use such moments to catch up on emails, calls, texting, etc. However, I really took notice this time of the vintage bi-plane hanging over the escalators, suspended in mid-flight. I love that kind of stuff! However, my gaze continued upward to something I must admit to never noticing before, the stain glass covering much of the ceiling (see picture!). On the plaque describing this piece I learned that it was called, appropriately enough – Stained Glass Ceiling by Ken Toney, 1979. It was, however, the description of the creative process that really caught my eye.

The placard described the process of creating the kind of  piece that takes full advantage of the brilliant and abundant Arizona sunshine. After choosing the colors and measuring the glass to create the envisioned intricate design, one thing remained. One by one each piece was “chipped” by hand. It is this part of the process that is essential to the reflective power and quality of the work as a whole. Without these facets, the ability of the glass to reflect the sun’s light in brilliant display would be greatly reduced. So it is with us.

We reflect best our Creator’s brilliance with all of our “chips” right where they are. No, I’m not talking about “…continuing in sin that grace may abound (Romans 6).” What I am saying is that our abundant faults, failures, shortcomings and scars serve only to enhance the power of the Son to display His glory and to further shine His light on all of those observing His handy work. And, yes, even our sins, once confessed and repented from, serve then to do the same as others discover through us the deeper redemptive quality of the Master Artist. Thankfully, He doesn’t throw away the pieces that are less than perfect.

So, don’t hide your chips, and don’t flaunt them, either. Like the beatiful work of art that was hovering above me the many, many times I had been there before, God’s glory will be revealed through you at just the right time to just the right people. Keep letting the Son shine through each and every masterfully crafted “chip” and His glory will be revealed as He designed.

“Chips” and all,



    1. Thanks, Bamba! Would love to partner with you in ministry some time. Glad to see on Facebook you are doing well. Andrew remembers you from back in Springfield and says, “He was so cool!”

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